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Provo #3 Most Neighborly City in the U.S.

Provo is the #3 Most Neighborly City in the Nation! set out to do something they've been doing now for several years: Finding the 25 Most Neighborly Cities in America.

Provo, Utah made great strides this year, climbing from #23 in 2021 to #3 in 2022. It’s no wonder, considering Provo had the highest rate of charitable giving (by far), as well as the highest number of residents who report volunteering for local organizations. It’s obvious that people living in Provo give back and it’s made the city an incredibly neighborly place to call home.

Provo is the fourth-largest city in Utah, but it’s where some of the biggest companies in the state (and even the entire country) have chosen to set up shop. Qualtrics, Nu Skin, and Vivint are just a few of the major companies that have made Provo their home.

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