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Provo #2 City for Musicians!

Provo has been ranked #2 Top City in the Nation for Musicians! Of all the destinations in America, Provo stands out not only for being home to legends like Imagine Dragons, and Neon Trees, but also for their must-see music venues like Velour Live Music Gallery, ABG's Libation Emporium, and more.

I feel very blessed to be the mayor of a city ripe with artistic talent. I find this a point of pride as much as any business acquisition or stats on the newest poll. I get to sprinkle my days with trips to gallery openings, ribbon cuttings of fashion projects and locally-produced concerts. I’ve been invited to plays and productions, exhibits, tastings and installations that exceed my expectations and make me a huge believer in the progress of Provo. After all, a city is only as good as the art it produces.

CubeSmart Self Storage compiled a list of cities that are ideal for musicians for various reasons from their low cost of living, to their legendary music venues, and they all have one thing in common; incredible support for artists and hungry crowds ready for the next big thing. Here is their breakdown of Provo:

The scene: Surprised to see Utah on the list? Put simply, the community in Provo is incredible. It's an all-ages, super-supportive scene, and it gets results.

Famous faces: Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees, The Moth and the Flame, and Lindsey Stirling started here.

Must-see music venues: The all-ages Velour Live Music Gallery is where it all began and remains the center of the scene. ABG's Libation Emporium has live music and good vibes on weekends. And you can still catch the last of the Rooftop Concert Series on September 6.

Meeting of the minds: DIY is alive an well in Provo, and local 'zine Reach Provo proves it. Take a class at Recording Connection Provo or get behind the mic at Noisebox Studios for a recording session.

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