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"Proceed with Caution" COVID-19 Recovery Plan

This morning, joined by Commissioner Nathan Ivie and Utah County Health Department Executive Director Ralph Clegg, I released Provo’s COVID-19 recovery plan during a media conference in the City Council Chambers. The phrase “Proceed with Caution” captures the balance taken as Provo begins the process of cautiously opening the economy: forward momentum, but with the knowledge that risk still exists.

Traffic signs provide direction, signify danger, help us navigate unfamiliar territory and enable us to safety interact with each other—but only if the public voluntarily complies. Likewise, our success at conquering COVID-19 requires the same level of public cooperation.

A few highlights of the plan include:

  • Parks and Recreation facilities will open tomorrow morning at their regularly scheduled times, but with restrictions. This includes the recreation center, Peaks Ice Arena, Covey Center for the Arts, Provo Shooting Sports Park, parks, trails, open spaces and sports facilities such as tennis courts, basket ball courts, disc golf and skate parks;

  • The Provo Library is not physically open, but has launched a highly successful curbside delivery program;

  • The Senior Center will NOT open and senior programming will not resume until we are in “Yellow—Low Risk”;

  • All city customer service desks are open, but with strict safety protocols in place for both employees and citizens.

In addition to providing a comprehensive guide of safety protocols for both citizens and businesses for the transition to the “Orange Risk Level, I also introduced a community-wide voluntary pledge program with a vinyl cling that can be displayed at all participating businesses, at homes or on cars, to show the shared commitment by all to keep our community safe and moving forward.

Taking the lead from the State’s staged economic recovery plan, Utah Leads Together, Provo City has developed a safety-centric operational plan to gradually loosen restrictions, with the timeline driven by COVID-19 case data and recommendations from the Utah Department of Health. Please watch the video of the press conference below for all the details.

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