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Preparing for the Worst, Hoping for the Best

Across the state, eyes are turned toward the snow-filled mountains with concerns of spring flooding. While the plentiful snowpack is a blessing for ongoing drought conditions, in this case, extremely high levels create issues if it melts too quickly, with weather conditions being an unknown factor.

High snow volumes are concerning as they create a greater likelihood Provo will experience some level of flooding. Public Works crews have been engaged in implementing their flood control plan since February, proactively clearing debris along the Provo River, cleaning out storm drains, and providing sandbags to residents.

Special attention is focused on the frontal canyons because of their high snowpack and flood potential due to mountain runoff. Snowpack-monitoring stations are measuring water content in Rock Canyon, Slate Canyon, and Little Rock Canyon as areas of concern due to greater than average volume.

Similarly, residents are strongly encouraged to protect their property, particularly those who have experienced past flooding. Recommended efforts include clearing gutters, sump pumps and drains, strategically placing sandbags, and if near an open waterway, removing debris from the property that could wash into the river. We also caution all to maintain a safe distance from fast-moving waters.

While there is no need for alarm, preparation is key. Not only are we protecting areas of concern in anticipation of this season’s runoff, but past infrastructure improvements such as Rock Canyon and Slate Canyon Detention Dams and the installation of numerous stormwater piping improvements will help substantially reduce the impacts of potential flooding.

Need Sandbags?

Visit Public Works at 1377 S 350 E to pick up a bundle of 25 sandbags. Residents will need to bring their own shovel to fill sandbags.

Have Questions?

Visit the Public Works website at for updated flood preparations and sandbag information. Or call Public Works at 801-852-6700.

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Whatever this season brings, let’s help each other get through it safe and sound!

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