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Planned Bulldog Boulevard Safety Improvements Move Forward

In 2015, Provo City announced a concept to improve safety on Bulldog Boulevard by adding raised center medians and converting one lane in each direction into buffered, or separated, bicycle lanes. Project design is now underway with construction anticipated in Spring 2019.

The Bulldog Boulevard Improvements project will increase safety along the corridor, reduce the number of vehicle crashes, and enhance aesthetics of the boulevard itself. The improvements align with Provo City's Complete Streets vision that helps the community feel safe using sidewalks and bike lanes, maintains efficient traffic flow and services for drivers, and provides access for all modes of travel.

Join Us!

Our team will be visiting businesses along the corridor this week and we invite you to join us for a public meeting at Provo High School on May 21 from 6-8pm. Bring your family to learn about the planned improvements. In conjunction with Bike Month, the Provo Bicycle Committee will host a bicycle rodeo, a drawing for a chance to win one of two free bicycle helmets from the Utah County Health Department and provide bicycle safety information.

Project Description

Planned project improvements remain similar to the concept shown in 2015 and include adding raised medians that will shift left turn movements to signalized intersections. The project will also physically separate bicycles from motorized vehicles. The protected bicycle lanes will also free up the sidewalks and improve pedestrian safety. Medians will be landscaped where space allows.

Driveways, intersection turning pockets and other areas where bicycles and vehicles must cross paths will be defined for increased awareness and safety. Motorists accessing businesses on the opposite side of Bulldog Boulevard will still be able to safely make left turns and U-turns at any of the existing intersections.

Additionally, a new signalized intersection will be added at 400 West. Traffic signals throughout the corridor will be adjusted to accommodate the change in traffic patterns.

Contact Us

The Bulldog Boulevard public involvement team is available to answer your questions. Please give us a call at 888-966-6624, or email us at To stay up to date on the project, subscribe to email updates at

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