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Pillars: Two Citizens and Two Buildings

Within the last several days, Provo lost two remarkable pillars, Sandra Covey and Doug Smoot. Provo is chock-full of good and talented people, each worthy of celebration. But I know of only two people of whom the following can be said quite so accurately: “that prominent Provo City building exists because of one citizen’s vision, leadership, and labor" (although others contributed in significant and important ways, too).

Those buildings and citizens are the Covey Center for the Arts (Sandra Covey) and the restored Academy Square, home of our vibrant library (Doug Smoot). The fact that the two citizens so singularly responsible for each of these treasures passed away within days of each other only heightens our awareness and appreciation for what they gifted to us and for their examples. The task of creating an arts center was not for the faint of heart. And Doug Smoot would tell you that saving and restoring Academy Square required tremendous personal sacrifice, as well as the hand of God.

May we all pause to consider the gifts we have received through the civic-minded efforts of these two citizens and others like them. And may we resolve that when we feel a call to serve a cause, we like them will answer it.

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