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Petition Signature Recount

Today the Provo City Recorder conducted a recount of the petition signatures gathered as part of an effort to put a question on the ballot regarding Provo City Ordinance 2020-13, which deals with brewpub licensing. The recount was conducted in the presence of one of the petition sponsors with representatives from the County Clerk’s office present to answer questions, if necessary, regarding whether signers were registered to vote in Provo. The result of the recount was that the petition sponsors had submitted 3,069 certified names. This did not meet the requirement of 3,157 certified names. Therefore, the petition is not qualified for the ballot. The original count by the City Recorder, conducted on July 16, 2020, was 3,019 certified names. Thirty certified names were added during the recount because the sponsor was able to provide proof that technical requirements of state law regarding submission of those names had actually been met, which we did not have at the time of the original count. Nine certified names were added as a result of identifying names that had been marked as verified in the hard copies of the signature pages, but had not been included in the list of certified names provided to the City Recorder’s Office. The remaining eleven certified names added during the recount were the result of identifying various issues such as signatures that had been added below the last signature line on the page, signers that had signed multiple times but had not received credit for either signature, etc.

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