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People, Places, and Things you Might Not Know about Provo!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Doug Jessop visited Provo on Tuesday to celebrate 2/22/22! He toured the city, featuring stories about Provo’s economic vibrancy and visiting with interesting people. Highlights include Provo as an innovation center, hospitality center, education center, and as the central business district. Economic Development is growing and Provo is receiving national recognition!

If you missed the broadcast, you can now watch the videos online. You might just learn something new!

Provo is a center for Local, State and National Government

Medical Care in Provo

Provo is a Hospitality Center

Have you heard about the "Slinky Bus" in Provo?

Provo has a vibrant historical downtown

Provo is an education center

Provo is getting national recognition

Economic Development is building in Provo!

Provo is an Innovation Center

Provo is the "Central Business District"

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Michael g Agrelius
Michael g Agrelius
Feb 26, 2022

Wonderful finding out what Provo has been up to and what is on the horizon for the city. Especially excited about the new airport.


Kameron Barkle
Kameron Barkle
Feb 26, 2022

Oh, Doug Jessup toured Provo, did he? I bet he LOVED hearing all the excessively loud vehicles going up and down major streets since Provo government won't do anything about that!

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