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Passion Project: Provo City Hall

The dynamic, new, $69-million Provo City Hall and Public Safety Building is a boon to the citizens of Utah’s fourth-largest city. “It’s been such a labor of love—I can’t believe we are here,” said Kaufusi, choking up. “This was such a passion project and something I didn’t know would work, but I [was] going to shoot for the stars.”

Provo's beautiful City Hall was featured in Utah Construction & Design Magazine's August/September Issue. Check out the full story here and see the beautiful pictures taken by Endeavour Photo!

The combination of end users makes the Provo City Hall and Public Safety Building one of the more remarkable projects constructed in the city’s recent history, particularly considering the functionality needed for the different occupants.

It replaces a severely outdated 40-year-old structure and will serve as a modern civic hub in downtown Provo, housing myriad functions including public service, city administration, city council and chambers, 911/emergency operations center (EOC), police department, and fire department administration.

“This team took the intricacies of public safety and protecting citizens and combined it into a building that promotes efficiency,” said Henderson, adding that some citizens have a mentality that public, taxpayer-funded buildings shouldn’t be “too nice.”But, he continued, “If we wanted mediocre outcomes, then we hired the wrong architecture firm and project team. We were all working under the premise that Provo citizens deserve the best.”

It’s been an incredible journey. Our goal was to educate people and leave it up to the voters. By working together, we have made Provo safer for generations to come.

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