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Open Fire & Firework Restrictions for 2019

Firework Restrictions

Provo Fire & Rescue reminds all residents and guests that the open fireworks discharge window is approaching. Fireworks may not be discharged until July 2. As in years past, there is a discharge restricted area where fireworks may not be discharged at any time. To view a map of the Fireworks Discharge Restricted Areas, click here »

Open discharge dates are from July 2 through July 5 and July 22 through July 25. Discharge of fireworks outside of the open discharge window or in the discharge restricted area will be prosecuted as a Class B Misdemeanor.

Individuals and families who reside in the Discharge Restricted Area are invited, and encouraged, to use one of the following parks to discharge their consumer fireworks.

Provost Park – 629 South 1000 East

Kiwanis Park – 820 North 1100 East

Sertoma Park – 400 East 2400 North

Exchange Park – 900 North 700 West

Fort Utah Park – 200 North Geneva Road

Footprinters Park – 1150 South 1350 West

Fireworks may be discharged from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm except July 4th and July 24th when discharge must end by midnight. Discharge of fireworks outside of the discharge times will be cited as an infraction.

Open Fire Restrictions

Effective immediately, Provo Fire & Rescue has issued an open fire restriction for the foothills on the east bench and all areas of the Provo City watershed including South Fork. These restrictions are implemented due to the high fuel levels in the foothills and the decreasing fuel moisture content.

Fires are restricted to established fire pits in improved parks and campgrounds. Open fires, except in designated fire pits in improved parks and campgrounds, are prohibited in Rock Canyon, Slate Canyon, all foothills along the eastern border of the city, and in the Provo City watershed in South Fork. All restricted areas have been posted. Violations of this restriction will be prosecuted as a Class B Misdemeanor.

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