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My New Role as ULCT President

As of the recent Utah League of Cities and Towns Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, I've been given the honor and responsibility of serving as the ULCT President for 2023-2024! This journey brings with it the hope of fostering improved communication, strengthened relationships, and proactive policy-making for all our Utah cities and towns.

Having served as the ULCT Legislative Policy Committee Chair, I've had the privilege of building bridges between our city's needs and the wider legislative community. From this experience, I've come to recognize an essential truth: it's imperative for cities to "Speak Up!" - both for themselves and for the collective good.

Each city in our beautiful state of Utah has a unique story to tell, distinct challenges to face, and unparalleled potential to reach. When we stand silent, our stories go unheard. But when we speak up, we contribute to the rich tapestry of our state, guiding policies that resonate with the lived experiences of our citizens. As I've often mentioned, many legislators might not have a municipal background, making our voice, our insights, and our experiences all the more vital.

This emphasis on speaking up isn't just a slogan. At the recent convention, each attendee received a megaphone as a symbol of this theme. It's a small reminder of our power and duty to maintain meaningful ties with those shaping policies that affect our daily lives. In the last legislative session, 240 bills directly impacted our local communities. This begs the question: were we active participants in shaping that policy? Regardless of our past efforts, I firmly believe we can always do better.

So, as I step into this new role, I carry with me not just the aspirations of Provo but of all 245 municipalities that the ULCT represents. Alone, we are merely names on a list, but united, our voice is a formidable force. Through this collective strength, we can continue to provide the best for our residents and set the stage for a brighter tomorrow.

Let us always remember that as cities, our engagement in state and federal policy isn’t just a task—it’s a commitment to better serve our citizens. And with your continued support, I am confident that Provo and Utah will rise to every challenge and seize every opportunity that comes our way.

Let's continue to make Provo proud and let's always "Speak Up!"

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