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My Reflections on 2019

I have had some time to reflect on this extraordinary year. Scrolling back through my blog and social media, I can say it’s been an interesting year in Provo. I am proud of the progress we’re making and the citizen engagement we see daily. So to celebrate, here's my top 9 exciting things that happened in 2019 (in no specific order):

9. Featured in Utah Valley Magazine

8. Bulldog to Cougar Blvd

7. Leadership Excellence Award

6. Qualtrics Doubling their HQ Announcement

5. Firefighter & Police Officer of the Year both from Provo

4. Informed Decision Maker of the Year

3. Electric Scooters Launched in Provo

2. Cougar Blvd Construction Complete

1. Airport Terminal Expansion Ground Breaking

As it happens with these lists, I feel like I am leaving so much out. Needless to say, I am proud of our work here in Provo and I look forward to the year to come!

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