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New Development Services Director!

It’s official! After months of looking and interviewing several very qualified candidates to fill Provo City's role of Development Services Director, I’m pleased to share with you that I’ve selected Bill Peperone.

We are very excited about Bill Peperone being appointed as our first director in this new department. Bill is ideally suited for this new role due to his extensive background as a private developer, a planner, and a public sector leader. He brings the right skillset and attitude, and understands how important this new initiative is to the City, our stakeholders, and our residents.

The Department of Development Services was created July 1, 2019 after an extensive and strategic effort to improve and streamline development review processes in Provo. The new department will consist of the city’s functions of economic development, redevelopment, current planning, and building inspections, along with hosting and managing the City’s planned one-stop development services center. This initiative, along with several others including an online portal for development applications and tracking, and a revamped development review process, is intended to improve timeliness, efficiency, predictability and transparency of the City’s development review and approval process.

Under Provo’s form of government, mayoral appointments of department directors require the advice and consent of the Municipal Council, and the matter will come before the Council on August 27 at the regular Council meeting.

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