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Meet Acting Chief of Police Troy Beebe

Provo Police Chief Fred Ross submitted his resignation on Sunday, October 16 stating the following:

“It has become evident that my fit within the Provo Police Department as the Chief has been determined to not be sustainable. After discussing this with my family, I’ve determined it is in my best interest personally and professionally to resign my position as Chief of Police, effective immediately. I thank you sincerely for the honor of serving you, the department, and the people of Provo. R. Fred Ross”

Captain Troy Beebe has been appointed as the acting Provo Police Chief in an announcement made to the Provo Police Department this morning at 9:00 am. In accepting Chief Ross’ resignation, it became important to unify the department quickly. Captain Beebe has deep roots to our community, as well as invested time within this department. We appreciate his willingness to bring his skills and knowledge as we seek a smooth transition.

During his 29-year professional law enforcement career, Captain Beebe served five years with the Utah County Sheriff’s Department and 24 years at the Provo Police Department. “Provo is the community I grew up in and where I’ve chosen to serve professionally,” said Beebe. “We will move forward doing what we do best: community policing and crime prevention.”

“Provo City attracts officers of the highest caliber—all invested in the Provo Way, which is professional policing with compassion,” said Beebe. “This high standard of policing service remains unchanged as we move forward.”

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