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Let's Talk Provo!

Did you know Provo City is one of only a handful of cities in Utah to have an established neighborhood program? Provo City’s Neighborhood Program was started in 1968 and evolved over time. Its fundamental purpose is one with which I wholeheartedly agree: to build community by fostering civic engagement and government transparency.

I support the Provo Municipal Council in ensuring our new five Neighborhood Districts are well informed on city issues and feel empowered that their voice is heard on the growth of their community.

The restructuring of Provo’s Neighborhood Districts offers an ideal time and opportunity to do what I most love as mayor: meet face-to-face to discuss our exceptional community.

Throughout March, I’m pleased to be joined by my department directors to present at each Neighborhood District meeting. We hope you’ll join us, either in-person or online, as we share exciting project updates, answer questions and have meaningful discussions about the future of our community.

Neighborhood District Meetings are held on Thursdays at 6:30 PM in the City Hall Community Room.

March 2 – District 1: North Timpview, Riverbottoms, Sherwood Hills, Riverside, Edgemont, Indian Hills, Rock Canyon

March 9 – District 2: Oak Hills, Wasatch, Foothills, Provost South, Spring Creek

March 16 – District 3: Lakeview North, Lakeview South, Fort Utah, Provo Bay, Sunset, Lakewood

March 23 – District 4: Grandview North, Grandview South, Rivergrove, North Park, Carterville, Pleasant View, University

March 30 – District 5: Dixon, Timp, Franklin, Franklin South, Downtown, Joaquin, Maeser, East Bay

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