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Let's Hike Y Mountain!

For some of you, Y Mountain might conjure images of endless steep dirt switchbacks. For others, you might reflect on a revered BYU tradition that is not to be missed. Neither of these is actually the subject of today’s guest post. We’re not hiking the Y today – we’re hiking Y Mountain!

To begin your hike, park at the Y Trailhead. Next, you’re going to “hike the Y”. The trail is well marked, well used, and you’ll find plenty of people there. There are a lot of dirt switchbacks. Don’t worry – it gets better.

Once you get to the Y, take a moment to admire the view and then look for a little single track trail leading from the top right corner of the Y on up the mountain.

As you follow this, you’ll wrap around the side of the mountain into “Slide Canyon”, past some rather unique rock formations. Look for the little people in this photo, and you’ll get the idea that yes, this is all very big.

Take a quick climb up the hill to the left for a view of Utah Valley, or you can take a quick climb to the right for the official summit, and those stunning cliffs overlooking Rock Canyon. And you’ve made it! The trail was just a little more strenuous than Rock Canyon, but great training to stay in shape for the summer.

*Thanks Ellis Atwood for the step by step guide!

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