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Lakeview Parkway is Complete!

Last week Provo City celebrated the phase four completion of Lakeview Parkway with a “Bike the Parkway” event. Residents were invited to bring bikes, scooters, roller skates and more to ride on the brand-new road.

Design planning on Lakeview Parkway, formerly known as the Westside Connector, began in 2007. Through local, state and federal funding, phase one provided an alternate route for travelers flying out of the Provo Airport, created another connection to Interstate 15 for residents living on Provo’s west side and established 70 acres of direct and indirect wetlands.

Phase one was commemorated with a community Bike the Parkway event and six years later, we invited our community to celebrate our active transportation progress by enjoying a ride on our now completed trail system connection.

Lakeview Parkway includes an active transportation system with over 6 miles of trails. Phase four is a unique section connecting the Lakeview Parkway Trail to the Provo River Trail and the future Delta Restoration Trails. This section of Lakeview Parkway contains two new bridges, one extending over the Provo River and the other over the new river channel constructed as part of the Delta Restoration Project.

By investing in vital infrastructures, such as Lakeview Parkway, we created economic opportunity for Provo rather than waiting for it. The essential building blocks of a successful economy are concrete, steel, cable and open space — they are the makings of infrastructure. Infrastructure connects communities.

The city also plans to build a regional sports park with Lakeview Parkway providing access.

Future developments could include expanding to a four-lane road between the Provo Airport and 500 West, construction of Lakeview Parkway from 1280 North to 2000 North, construction of 2000 North from Geneva to Lakeview Parkway and continuation of Lakeview Parkway north into Orem.

Provo’s Public Works Department is continuing to improve infrastructure on the west side of Provo with several wastewater projects to increase sewer capacity.

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