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How do you want to receive city news?

I'm pleased to announce that the first ever online-only version of Provo City's Magazine, Involved is now live! Just visit to flip through its virtual pages and discover our event calendar, fall cleanup dates and coupons, additional freebies that come with your library card, voting information, exciting announcements about Provo's electric scooters, frequently asked questions about zoning, 911 information and tips, and so much more!!

I’ve been clear from my arrival as your mayor that communication with you is a priority. I say, “with you” and not just “to you,” because I learned a long time ago that effective communication must be a two-way street. That’s why you’ll see me handing out my email address and cell phone number virtually everywhere I go. It’s why I’ve initiated listening tours visiting each section of our city.

Communication, whether it’s in the home or with neighbors or government affairs, can be tricky territory. I’d bet we’ve all seen major communication breakdowns. And we’ve probably all seen the value that just one more piece of information can bring to a situation. So to help me better understand you and your desires pertaining to communications from Provo City, will you please take a few minutes to complete a communications survey at telling us how you'd best like to receive your city news?

Thank you ahead of time for taking the time to read Involved and for completing the survey. You’re helping us in our ongoing quest to find the best ways to reach you!

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