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Happy Veterans Day 🇺🇸

Happy Veterans Day! Today, we rejoice in the bravery and steadfast commitment of our Veterans, who have selflessly dedicated their lives to safeguarding our nation's freedom and values. As the Mayor of Provo City, I am filled with pride for the unwavering spirit that resonates throughout our community, especially towards those who have donned the uniform of service.

On Wednesday, at Timpview High School, I had the immense honor of addressing a gathering of our esteemed Veterans, alongside the bright students who represent the future of our city. The Veterans Day Tribute was not just a ceremony but a heartfelt thank you to those who have given so much.

I'd like to share the essence of my speech from the Tribute with all of you on my blog. It's a message that resonates beyond Veterans Day—it's a call to each of us to honor our commitments, to serve, to contribute, and to uphold the promises we make.

I spoke of commitment—a commitment as unwavering as that of our veterans. "Because I said I would." This phrase, taped to my computer, has been my daily reminder since my days on the Provo School District Board of Education. It journeyed with me to City Hall, a constant prompt of the promises I've made to serve our community with integrity.

Our Veterans live this commitment. They've pledged their lives with a "Because I said I would" resolve, displaying a selflessness that is the cornerstone of our nation’s values. Their sacrifices, courage, and determination exemplify the highest form of patriotism.

To our Veterans: your service is the foundation upon which we stand to build a stronger, more compassionate community. To our residents: let’s carry this message of dedication and honor in our hearts, not just today, but every day.

Happy Veterans Day to all, and to our Veterans, thank you for your service and for living the powerful ethos of "Because I said I would."

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