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Happy Valentine's Day!

Provo is my favorite place and I love so many things about living here. Here's a short list to celebrate the day of love!

PC: Eric Ward

1. The residents. We are the #1 city for volunteerism! They are eager to be a part of the community and serve.

2. Our jaw-dropping mountains. From Rock Canyon, the Y Trail, Slate Canyon, and the Bonneville Shoreline, we have some gorgeous landscapes.

3. The city employees. We have some of the very best working to serve you everyday. They are dedicated to serving the community and doing the best they can. 

4. Our Police and Fire Departments. They keep us safe and secure.

5. My supportive family. I love my kids and my hubby - they are absolutely amazing!

6. Our beautiful parks. We have lots of parks to choose from to picnic with family in the summer and sledding in the winter.

7. That feeling of "belonging." Everyone is welcome to participate in different events and organization.

8. Local businesses. We have some incredible local businesses. These business owners are passionate about their services and about Provo.

9. Our library and rec center. There's always something to do!  

10. I love that you love Provo. You make it what it is. 

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