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Happy Thanksgiving Provo

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to look back on the year we’ve had with gratitude and celebration. This Thanksgiving, I’m more aware than ever of the important contribution that all of you make as Provo citizens. It’s clear to me that without a city full of hardworking, honest, and talented residents we are nothing. We would not be a successful community without the help of such compassionate residents.

I also believe the quality of life in Provo is a result of a highly efficient and professional city employees. Because of our team effort, Provo residents enjoy safety, strong public services and infrastructure at a level that many cities can’t even imagine. I am proud of our Provo City team and thank the residents for supporting us.

I hope you are all able to enjoy good friends, family and memories today. Please know of my respect and appreciation for each of you.

Happy Thanksgiving Provo!

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