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Gratitude for Flood Preparations

Thanks to all the volunteers and the coordinated effort from city departments to prepare for potential flooding this year. Weather conditions worked in our favor, and only minimal actions were needed. Sandbags were placed along portions of the Provo River and on Piute Drive. Parks, Power, and Public Works Departments cut and removed trees, debris, and sediment rock bars from the river channel in March to help reduce flood-causing risks. Runoff was continually being monitored by Storm Water crews, who were actively clearing screens in both Rock and Slate Canyons.

We had 1,397 volunteers come out to help us fill approximately 116,000 sandbags. This accomplishment took about 3,545 volunteer hours to complete. Provo deployed over 2,000 sandbags around the city and supplied over 14,600 filled sandbags to Spanish Fork and Santaquin City when they were experiencing flooding in their communities. Over 50,000 sandbags were given to Provo residents to help protect individual properties.

Provo’s Police, Fire, Parks, and Public Works Departments also developed plans and strategies for sandbag routes if flooding occurred. However, the substantial stormwater infrastructure improvements built since the 1984 flooding provided the conveyance systems to manage this year’s spring runoff. Public Works’ GIS team also developed a user-friendly site for Provo residents to learn more about potential flooding and what the city was doing to mitigate flood issues and concerns. City staff worked hard to provide residents with information regarding possible flooding.

A special and heartfelt thanks to our exceptional Stormwater Manager, Richard Snyder, and the stormwater crews who led the city-wide efforts. Richard started his career with Provo City Public Works during the spring flooding of 1984. With his wealth of experience, outstanding leadership, and invaluable expertise in stormwater management, he played a pivotal role in the city’s efforts to combat flooding this year. His actions in leading the mitigation efforts and making timely decisions significantly minimized the impact of flooding in the community, and he spearheaded the support for neighboring communities in need. We are truly fortunate that he was here to guide us through these challenges.

As spring runoff is ending, we still want to caution everyone to be careful around the Provo River as flows remain high. We are grateful for all the volunteers and employees who ensured Provo was well prepared for any potential flooding that could have occurred.

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Darryl Alder
Darryl Alder
Jul 13, 2023

Happy for the 260 sand bags the good people of Provo brought by the house, BUT now what to do with them all?


Rob Allen
Rob Allen
Jul 07, 2023

Yes! Huge thanks to everyone's efforts to prepare for and prevent flooding!

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