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"Freedom Lies in Being Bold"

“Freedom lies in being bold." I’ve always appreciated this quote from Robert Frost as I believe it describes our people and history well. As we celebrate Independence Day, I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you.

During the Freedom Festival, I’ve had the opportunity to attend the Patriotic Service and the Gala. During these wonderful events, I was reminded of those that have fought so hard for our freedom. During the Gala, six individuals were honored with awards: Josh and Thamara Holt, Lt. Col. Hyrum Grant Keeler, Bun Yom, and Jake and Vivian Kim. These brave men and women have overcome hardship and fought for the freedom they enjoy today. I encourage you to learn more about these amazing people! You can see some pictures from the event at this link: here.

Going back to 1776, our Founding Fathers knew the risks that fighting for independence meant. They knew that there would be costs. As we know well, they believed deeply in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They wanted future generations to be able to create their own destinies.

So this week, I ask you to reflect on the history of our great nation. While we enjoy parades, fireworks, concerts, events, good food, and good company, let us remember the sacrifice of so many. Remember those who fought for our freedom and still do. Through their service and dedication, we are able to enjoy freedom, peace, and safety.

However you celebrate, whether it is by attending Freedom Festival, holding a barbecue, taking a vacation, or having a quiet family dinner, Independence Day is truly a celebration of freedom.

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