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Flying Direct to Provo ✈️

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

The Provo renaissance continues with yet another project that meets the city’s upward trajectory—the Provo Airport terminal. Featured in Utah Construction & Design Magazine's August/September Issue, the article showcases the terminal's impressive design. Just turn to page 20 to read the full story and see the beautiful pictures taken by Endeavour Photo!

"The soil at the airport needed some extra attention with such a high watertable. But Provo officials were on top of their game, hiring out the geotechnical work to do a surcharge on the ground before construction began. That process involves piling up excess dirt at the future building site, then letting it settle for a number of months. Pre-compacted, the soil on site was then ready to go for construction."

"With the unique needs of the airport as a transportation hub and commercial space, building upward would also be a challenge. With site work completed, the next step was approving the necessary materials to bring forward the terminal. Those interviewed credited the officials under Mayor Michelle Kaufusi, whose trust in the project team helped green light faster material procurement."

"This project was a part of something greater than just TSA equipment or a terminal. Provo City also built an apron, improved the surrounding infrastructure, built parking, and expanded roadways to create an airport that fit in snugly with Provo and Utah Valley growth projections. This wouldn’t be just a replacement of the existing airport, but something that would confirm the city’s status as a hub for innovation and connectivity in Utah County."

“We’ve had business owners tell us that it's is better than a corporate jet,” said Torgersen concerning the ease of access enjoyed by travelers at the Provo Airport. The entire area will benefit not just corporate c-suiters, but everyone in the area wanting to travel. It is a building playing homage to Provo in so many ways.

"It’s a welcome home indeed. On approach, a gentle slope to the whole building gives it a winged shape and, as Piñon described, a modern take on travel and movement. Inside the terminal, perforated metal panels surrounding tall glass give views out to Utah Lake to the west. Piñon said it engages visitors as they come to the building before they board the planes. “Windows, light, views,” he described.“It’s like waking up after a long trip.”

"Peterson was most enamored by how the design amplifies the views from the second story, which looks out not just into the distant wonders. It also frames the waiting and boarding areas, giving people an extended view of loved ones traveling and the planes coming in and out of tarmac. The friendly heights and scale of the building combines with the materials to a modern and inviting effect."

"Piñon mentioned the amount of design work that went into creating brick storefronts throughout to give the airport a Provo touch. Black steel window mullions connect back to the city’s architectural history while black steel columns nestle between masonry columns and give the interior its Center Street feel. The warmth from wooden signs at entry combine with hanging clouds and open ceilings to create volume and add to the sense of place."

"Functionally, services in the building include the usual for an airport: ticket counters, security screening, baggage claim, four gates—one with the automated ramps that are totally enclosed and the other three with apron loading. Amenities include a family lounge, business lounge, and rental car space, as well as a concession area and retail space for Provo’s very own eclectic eatery, Guru’s Cafe. The building is designed for two more wing expansions in the concourse, so the project team built for anticipated growth and more gates to the north and south."

"Expansion may be coming sooner than initially planned due to increased demand from airline providers. Peterson was excited for Provo City and how it would embrace the airport and the other municipal buildings that have taken the city to newfound heights."

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