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Firework Restrictions

Firework regulations changed this year and I wanted to give you a few reminders before celebrating Pioneer Day. The open fireworks discharge window is approaching. Fireworks may not be discharged until July 22. As in years past, there is a discharge restricted area where fireworks may not be discharged at any time. To view a map of the Fireworks Discharge Restricted Areas, click here.

Open discharge dates are from July 22 - 25. Discharge of fireworks outside of the open discharge window or in the discharge restricted area will be prosecuted as a Class B Misdemeanor.

Firework discharge is not permitted at city park except for the following:

  • Exchange Park – 900 North 700 West

  • Footprinters Park – 1150 South 1350 West

  • Fort Utah Park – 200 North Geneva Road

  • Kiwanis Park – 820 North 1100 East

  • Provost Park – 629 South 1000 East

  • Sertoma Park – 400 East 2400 North

Fireworks may be discharged from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm except July 24th when discharge must end by midnight. Discharge of fireworks outside of the discharge times will be cited as an infraction.

These regulations are in place to ensure a safe holiday for everyone. If you have questions, please contact the Fire Department 801-852-6321.

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