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Expansion of Provo Airport

The Provo Airport is expanding! Thanks to federal grant, as well as state and county funding, Provo City plans to construct a terminal with four gates. The goal is for the Provo Airport to eventually become a regional, not an international, airport. Because of the funding we've received, we can achieve all this without raising taxes for Provo taxpayers.

This is a huge win for Provo. We’re ready to go, without having to bond, without having to ask the taxpayers to cough up new money; that’s the beauty of this whole project.

Our airport manager says commercial flight paths will remain over the lake, so residents shouldn’t notice any difference in the noise level. There’s no announcement yet as to which airlines will come to Provo or what new destinations will open up, but we are in discussions with airlines and are optimistic about where those will lead. We plan to have an official ground breaking this fall.

For more information watch my “Ask Me Anything” held with Airport Manager Steve Gleason.

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