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Electric Scooters AMA Recap

It's been about a month since I announced that Provo City has chosen Zagster for our scooter and bike share program. After a lot of research, we’ve decided to go with one vendor for a limited basis to see how it goes. We want this pilot project to be as smooth and successful as possible so we will be seeking your input all along the way.

To kick things off I held an "Ask Me Anything" with Provo's Parking and Sustainability Coordinator Austin Taylor and Jeff Montgomery and Mike Jensen with Zagster. During the segment, we announced that the scooters will begin rolling out on Thursday, August 8. We'll start with a small fleet of 200 scooters and will continue to add more scooters depending on the demand throughout the following weeks.

The program comes at no cost to Provo City. This will be a one-year pilot project to test the system before any long-term commitment. Using the Spin app, anyone over 18 with a valid driver’s license can activate a scooter for $1, and then ride it for $0.15 per minute, capping at $10 per hour. Users may ride electric scooters anywhere bicycles are allowed, including bike lanes and the right shoulder of roadways. The rider can then leave the scooter next to a building or in a curbside parking zone, as long as it doesn’t disrupt foot or street traffic. Each scooter will be collected around 9pm every night by Zagster staff for maintenance and recharging.

We will be hosting a launch event on August 8th at 10:00 am located at 200 E 700 N in Provo. Join us for free rides, practice routes, and fun! Download the Spin App to learn more and to get ready for the big day!

If you missed the live AMA, you can still watch the discussion in the video below.

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