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Egress Window Program

Provo City’s Redevelopment Agency is offering loans and grants to qualifying low to moderate-income Provo residents for safe bedroom window upgrades.

A lot of Provo homes were built at a time when all a bedroom needed was a window to pass safety regulations. Now, code requires all bedroom windows to be big enough to climb through. Basements and all sleeping rooms must have at least one opening, either a window or exterior door, for escape or rescue, also referred to as egress, in case of fire or other emergency.

Here are the conditions to qualify for a loan or grant from the Provo City Redevelopment Agency:

  • Single-family residential property within Provo City limits

  • Within HUD income limits (click here)

  • 0% deferred loan. No payment is due as long as the applicant continues to own and live in the home as their primary residence.

  • On the anniversary date of the 3rd year, 1/3 of the loan could be forgiven, and then an additional 1/3 each year thereafter.

  • On the anniversary of the 5th year, if the borrower still occupies the property, the loan could be completely forgiven.

  • If the home is sold or no longer owner occupied within the first two years of the loan, a penalty of 50% of the loan balance will be added to the original balance.

For more detailed information, visit the website here. You can find a brochure, program guidelines, and download the application.

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