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Discover the Beauty of Stewart Falls

Think there’s not enough to do in Provo? Well, think again. Provo is situated around countless natural wonders to explore right in our own backyard, including prime hiking locations. 

In this video, discover the beauty of the Stewart Falls hike. It’s accessible from the same parking lot as the Timpanogos trailhead, and you can enjoy a round trip of 3.5 miles worth of vibrant, verdant vistas. Overall, the hike is mostly flat with minor, gentle inclines. The first leg of the journey culminates in an epic, refreshing waterfall, where you can rest and replenish before heading back. 

Plan on a little more than two hours for the hike, plus however much time you want to spend at the waterfall. There’s also a separate path that leads from the waterfall directly down to Sundance Resort through its chalet cabins. But once you reach that watery oasis, you probably won’t want to leave for awhile. 

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