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Dear Provo Citizens,

It's after a lot of soul searching that I've decided to accept an invitation to run for Lieutenant Governor of Utah. I've shed many tears in reaching this difficult decision. Serving as your mayor has been my favorite job ever, and I can't imagine I'll ever enjoy another position more.

Is this an announcement of my resignation? No. My heart is here in Provo, and I am focused on moving ahead with the important projects we are working on here in Utah's greatest city.

In less than five months, we should know the primary election results, and that will tell us a lot. And even if I should be elected to state-wide office, my plan would be to continue to serve as mayor until it's time for a transition. At that point (next January), I would have already entered my fourth year of mayoral service.

Thank you for letting me share this information with you. I look forward to continuing to work arm in arm with you here in Provo.


Mayor Kaufusi

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