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Cupbop - Korean BBQ

Welcome to Provo City’s exciting new culinary series, Provo Restaurant Quest, where you’ll discover places to eat you’ve never even heard of! Check out this week’s video for Cupbop, where you can enjoy Korean BBQ fast fare in a cup. Cup Bop began right here in Provo in 2013 thanks to three Korean international students. It started as a food truck, and now the Provo location is a building painted to look like a food truck. Choose beef, pork, or chicken, mixed with Korean-style noodles, layered over rice and lettuce, and drizzled with a succulent signature sauce. There are also 10 spice levels—most people don’t go above a 5, and you’d have to be crazy to try a 10. Come find out what yours is! Cupbop is located on the corner of 800 North 700 East, and is open from 11am to 10pm Monday through Saturday. Check out their Instagram page at

If you’d like your establishment featured on Provo Restaurant Quest, simply contact Provo Channel 17 at (801) 852-7878, or send us an email at

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