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Creativity runs deep in the Provo culture

This month we dive into Provo’s culture of creativity and explain why it is another Provo Advantage.

A Culture of Creativity

While Provo is being noticed nationally for being the center for many things like government, transportation, hospitality, and innovation, we’ve been known for our undercurrent of creativity in Provo for decades. That rich cultural environment has led to the formation of incredible music groups like National Parks, Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons. But it’s also why our more than 40 murals have found a home on buildings and in the alleys of downtown Provo.


Velour Live Music Gallery

The unique music venue, Velour is ground zero for much of the music scene in Provo. It is in this cozy, kick back venue we talk with Corey Fox, the man behind the music.

“Provo is a melting pot of musical talent. I’m asked a lot, why aren’t you in Salt Lake or LA. People think somehow I got stuck opening a venue in Provo. I tell them all the time, I choose to do this venue in Provo. There is something special here that isn’t really like anywhere else, I wouldn’t do a venue anywhere else!” - Corey Fox


The creative fabric of Provo isn’t simply about music. World-renowned authors such as Brandon Sanderson, Stephanie Myer, Orson Scott Card and Stephen Covey have ties to Provo. Have you heard of Angel Studios? They produced and distributed 4 of the highest crowdfunded shows of all time like The Chosen with 500 MILLION views. Take a look at our Creative Graphic for more details.


Provo Rooftop Concert Series

Take a trip down memory lane and remember some of the great moments of music history in Provo with our video recapping the glory days of the Provo Rooftop Concert series.


Numbers speak for themselves and tell the real story. Check out this month’s By the Numbers that hits some of the creativity highlights.


If you still aren’t convinced, take a deep dive into our Creativity White Paper.

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Please, please revisit the decision to allow a drag queen event, to be held in Provo tomorrow, open to all, to be, at the very least, put in a closed venue for adults only.

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