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Cougar Blvd Bike Lanes are Complete!

The protected bike lanes and tree-lined sidewalks on Cougar Boulevard are officially open! Today is about community building and this road is a true example of a redesigned and now renamed street that is a win for everyone.

The completion of the Cougar Blvd project means more opportunities to visit the area by bike and scooter and a safer, more beautiful experience for everyone whether they drive or use active transportation.

  • Drivers benefit from having more signalized intersections and turning lanes. This road was once deemed 7x more dangerous than the average Utah road. Drivers are safer today.

  • People on bikes benefit from having only the third dedicated bike lane in Utah. Bikers are safer today.

  • Pedestrians benefit from having wide, smooth sidewalks and more trees that provide shade, protection, and encourage drivers to slow down. Pedestrians are safer today.

Safe streets matter more than anything. I encourage everyone to get out and experience these beautiful designated and safe bike lanes!

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