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Chrysalis Preschool

I love my job! Recently I got to visit Chrysalis Preschool located in Downtown Provo at 409 N University Ave. I was able to read to the students, answer their questions, and listen to their thoughts and ideas. I'm so thankful when I get moments like this - to meet with Provo's bright and enthusiastic children. Our future is in good hands!

They teach their students to read with a program Miss Wendy wrote, developed, and illustrated called “Chrysalis Books.” They also teach math with a hands on program called Saxon Math. They create art and music each day as well as learning basic Spanish and sign language. Most all of their curriculum is taught through music, interactive games, and activities. All of their teachers are certified and have studied early childhood education. They love what they do with their whole hearts and feel so lucky for the opportunity to teach Provo’s children each day!

Chrysalis Preschool is currently enrolling for Fall, and they still have a few spots available in their Summer Explorers program! Please visit their website, for more information.

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