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Business Backstories: Providing Context to Provo's Color

I love hearing people’s stories. Hearing their life experiences that shaped them into who they are is always fascinating, interesting and fun. Our stories add depth and meaning to who we are and who we can become. So this week I’d like to take a minute to focus on the “origin stories” of some of our local restaurants. What lured them to Provo, what traditions do they bring with them and what history is figuratively "baked" into their culinary art? Those are the questions that not only satisfy the tastebuds, but give meaning to the experience.

Provo has an earned reputation statewide for our eclectic foodie offerings and the interesting backstories of their arrival in our community. One recent recognition by Utah Tourism highlights the stories behind some of our most beloved small businesses. Read the article here:

Aside from all those great stories, here are a few origin stories for this week’s Takeout Bingo Card.


  • R&R BBQ: “A few years back we started doing competitions, and it didn’t take long for a hobby to turn into a job. We made a name for ourselves as men who’ll pick a bone with anyone sayin’ you can’t find ribs outside of Memphis or brisket outside of Texas. When we finally claimed the top spot as Utah’s best competition barbeque team—a position we still proudly hold—we felt it was time to open R&R Barbeque.”

  • SHIRLEY’S BAKERY: “The statement, 'necessity is the mother of invention' became a reality for me when I found myself a single mother of five young daughters. Baking for neighbors became one of the many stay-at-home jobs I did to support my young family. We lived in a small town in Alberta, Canada where opportunities for employment were scarce. To make a long story short, baking worked! I loved baking: I loved the challenge of it, I loved the creativity of it and I loved the rewarding joy of it. Baking not only became a valuable source of income for us, but it also became a valuable source of employment for my girls as they grew into various responsibilities.

"After the death of my parents, I chose to sell my home and our baking business in Canada. I enrolled at BYU with the intention of pursuing a new career. However, in 1996 I found myself at the mercy of “necessity” once again; and through the many tender mercies of my Father in Heaven, I was able to start this bakery in Provo, Utah.”

  • THE CREPERY: The Crêpery got its start with a simple idea in mind: bring authentic Paris-style crepes to Utah. Gabe Anderson took this idea and began bringing his dream to life. The first location for the Crêpery opened up in 2009 inside a 4ft x 8ft booth. The first two years of the Crêpery proved to be incredibly successful, much more so than Gabe had intended. The Crêpery had gone from a quaint store in the corner of a cafe to a local hit.

  • WAFFLE LOVE: "In 2011, Adam was working as a banker. He hated it. We were living in a 1 bedroom apartment with our 3 boys saving up for a home when he got fired. Over the next 7 months, we used our savings to pay for groceries and bills while Adam worked his heart out doing concrete jobs and applying for every open position imaginable. Adam had always wanted to own his own restaurant. He turned an old insurance office into a kitchen, and a $1,300 vintage step van into a food truck. With the help of our families, we painted, and plumbed and perfected recipes and set a date to open to the public...and this is when I get emotional. You came. You came in 100 degree weather. You came when it was six below. You came and took pictures and,ty councils for us. When our transmission broke down, when our engine was blown, when we were stuck in the snow, you helped us.


Before I get to the Bingo Card, I have to recognize Simply Cheesecake, who has generously donated a $25 gift card to one of our Takeout Bingo winners!! Thank you so much for your contribution!


Week number 4 and it just keeps getting better! Here is our new card!

Remember, the previous cards are still valid, so you are free to work on any and every card you wish!

Here are the rules again for anyone who missed them last time:

  1. Get takeout/delivery/curbside from all the locations in any given row and take a pic of you enjoying the food!

  2. Once you have a Bingo (horizontal, vertical or diagonal), send all of your pictures in one email to, or send a direct message to Instagram (@provocity) or Provo City Government Facebook (@provocity) with all your pics. Be sure to attach your marked card as well!

  3. Every Bingo you submit will be entered in a drawing to receive a Provo dinner/dessert experience on us! ($50 value).

  4. You can enter as many Bingos as you want! (Have 5 on one card? Great! That is 5 entries for you!) A “blackout” (all spaces filled on one card) will count for 6 entries.

  5. We will draw one winner every week!

* By submitting your pics, you agree to let us post them on the blog and/or on social media.

A new card will be released every week on my blog and on our social media accounts. Here are the links for this week’s Bingo card:

Simply Cheesecake

Wild Ginger

Pita Pit

Spicy Thai

Pho Plus


Taqueria San Marcos

Ruby River Steakhouse

Lotus Garden

Vegan Sun

Se Llama Peru

The Great Steak Grill

Coffee Pod


La Jolla Groves

The Crepery

Waffle Love Provo

Süss Cookie Company Provo

Green Panda Cafe

Pier 49 Pizza



Burgers Supreme

The Penguin Brothers Ice Cream

Rancheritos Mexican Food


Seeing the citizens of Provo come together in this time of crisis is inspiring. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you for doing your part, heeding the counsel of our state and federal leaders, and respecting each other. #ProvoProud


Mayor Michelle Kaufusi

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