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Bulldog Boulevard Safety Improvements Project Moves Forward

After lively discussion throughout the end of May and into June, receiving hundreds of emails and comments - Provo City, Council and the project team are moving to make safety improvements along Bulldog Boulevard between 650 West and Canyon Road.

The City Council met on Tuesday and discussed the project during the work session – you can view it below, just skip to 2:23:42.

The project team is now moving forward with reviewing all the public comments and addressing concerns and design suggestions. You can read an updated newsletter with Frequently Asked Questions on the project website here.

The planned project design is available on the project website at and the project team will begin finalizing plans to secure a contractor for construction in 2019. The project has a dedicated public involvement team who will be working with businesses and the public throughout construction.

Sign up for email updates to stay up to date at this project progresses by emailing the team at the contact info below. Contact Us: 888-966-6624 or

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