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Bridal Veil Falls

Think there’s not enough to do in Provo? Well, think again. Provo is situated around countless natural wonders to explore right in our own backyard, including prime hiking locations. Bridal Veil Falls, a few miles up Provo Canyon, is no ordinary hike. Considered a national treasure, the 600-foot high falls are considered one of America’s top 100 waterfalls. There was even once a restaurant near the top, accessible only by cable car. And Bridal Veil isn’t just for summer adventurers—it’s home to some of the best ice climbing in the United States during the winter. Bridal Veil Park is just a short walk from the falls down the paved Provo River Parkway trail, right next to the Provo River. From there, you can take a narrow side trail to the falls. Total roundtrip distance: 1 mile. Difficulty level: easy.

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