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Breeze Airways is coming to the Provo Airport with Daily Service!

I'm excited to announce that Breeze Airways is coming to the Provo Airport with daily service to five destinations, including nonstop to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas!!!

Breeze Airways will be the second airline servicing the Provo Airport, with Allegiant announcing on April 26 of their $95 million dollar investment with a new base of operations creating 157 new, high-wage paying jobs.

“It’s been the question on everyone’s lips since we first opened our offices in Cottonwood

Heights – when are you flying from Provo?” said Breeze’s Founder and CEO David Neeleman. “We’re excited to continue growing and hiring from here, and now flying from here. The beautiful, newly renovated Provo airport will give our Guests an easy-breezy way to travel to both coasts."

Breeze opened the Cottonwood Heights headquarters in February 2020, and employs some 70 Team Members at the facility, many of whom live in the Utah Valley. In March 2022, the airline debuted the Breeze Training Academy in Salt Lake City for initial and recurrent training for its pilots, flight attendants and Guest Empowerment teams. With the new base at Provo, the airline expects to hire an additional 200 Team Members, while continuing to add jobs across a range of positions including finance, operations, marketing and human resources at its headquarters.

The Provo Airport is establishing a niche for vacationers who appreciate affordable, convenient travel without the hassle of layovers and connections.

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Carol Fetzer
Carol Fetzer
17 de mai. de 2022


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