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Beware of Scammers

I love Provo and the people who live here and I want you all to feel safe and secure. So if you get a threatening call from someone pretending to be someone from the city or the county, insisting you pay a fee, a fine, a bill or else – ignore it. Then report it to the police, especially if someone shows up at your door trying to shake you down.

Unfortunately, Provo police are seeing a rise in fraudulent calls. It is being reported that citizens are being contacted by someone pretending to be from the Utah County Sheriff's Office, about a warrant for their arrest because of missed jury duty. If someone calls you asking for immediate payment, don’t give the caller any personal or financial information. Ask questions, demand verification, hang up, then call the Provo Police department at 801-852-6210.

Whether it's a jury scam or an IRS scam, this brings up several reminders for the public. No law enforcement agency is going to call you over the phone and request you to send money. A good rule is "trust and verify." It's good to trust someone claiming to be law enforcement but it's also good to verify by getting a name, badge number and point of contact. Then further verify that information either by calling that law enforcement agency or checking online.

Don’t let yourself be pushed into helping these crooks make money and wreak havoc with your peace of mind. Please share this post with your friends and family – as this could be happening in other cities as well.

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