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Best Performing City Trophy Now Permanently On Display 🏆

On April 12, hundreds of city employees joined me for milk and cookies—with a surprise announcement. Provo City was honored as the Nation’s 'Best Performing City' two years in a row by the Milken Institute. As the capstone to the Provo City Hall project, we unveiled the ‘Best Performing City’ trophy, now permanently on display near 311 Customer Service in Provo City Hall’s main foyer.

Of the esteemed award, the Milken Institute writes: “Cities continue to drive economic growth across the nation. They are the primary locations where businesses create new jobs and workers earn higher wages, keeping the United States competitive in the global economy.”

Provo City Economic Development Director, Keith Morey explained why employees matter when earning national rankings. “Employees are the quiet, but firm foundation that support a well-run city. They are the daily ‘behind-the-scenes’ dedication that keep our community clean and safe. Without hard-working, passionate employees helping to weave the fabric or our community, Provo City would not achieve its local and national recognition.”

Both this award and our Provo employees are examples of the exceptional care continually provided to our exceptional community.

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