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A New Way to Discover Provo!

There is always something special about discovering hidden gems right in our own backyard. Sometimes, we overlook the charm our very own city holds, especially when it's seen every day. But Maddie Small has beautifully brought that charm to light in her all-new "International Traveler Guide to Provo".

As many of you may know, Provo has evolved into a city bustling with diverse restaurants, unique shops, and enchanting events. Maddie's guide offers a thoughtful collection of her personal recommendations, aimed to give travelers and residents alike a genuine taste of what Provo has to offer.

One standout feature of this guide, which personally delights me, is the clear identification of activities tailored to your specific needs. Look for the FF symbol if you’re hunting for family-friendly options, GNO for a perfect girl’s night out, DN for that special date night, or SA for all the solo adventurers out there. Want to know Maddie’s top picks? Just search for the "Maddie's Faves" symbol and indulge in Provo’s most authentic and memorable experiences.

If you’re a fan of detailed planning, Maddie hasn’t forgotten about you. She has incorporated a color-coded map, comprehensive history of Provo, and mindful suggestions on navigating the city. Plus premade daily itineraries to make your trip planning a breeze!

For a sneak peek into one of my favorite itineraries:

  • Start with a refreshing hike to the Y.

  • Enjoy a scrumptious breakfast at Hruska's Kolaches.

  • Embark on a tour of the iconic BYU campus followed by a delectable lunch at BYU Creamery on Ninth.

  • Jump on the UVX and head over to the Provo Library (a personal favorite) – don’t miss out on the free escape room challenge!

  • Stroll to Sodalicious for a refreshing drink.

  • Next, dive into the heart of the city and explore downtown. The wall murals are always a treat to discover!

  • Conclude the day with a dinner at Gurus Cafe and let the Covey Center entertain you for the evening.

And the best part? Maddie's guide boasts many more itineraries just like this one!

If this has piqued your curiosity, Maddie has graciously provided a free pamphlet that offers a glimpse of the wonders packed inside her guide. You can download her pamphlet here:

Brochure Intentional Traveler Guide to Provo (11 x 8.5)
Download PDF • 6.18MB

Ready to explore Provo in all its glory? Paperback copies of Maddie's insightful guide are available at Foxglove Flowers and Gifts, The Collective Underground, The Social, and Timpanogos Hiking Co. For the tech-savvy folks, digital copies can be accessed through the QR code in the pamphlet or directly from Amazon.

For more intentional travel tips for Provo and beyond, follow Maddie on Instagram or visit her blog

Embrace the spirit of Provo and set off on your next local adventure!

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