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A Citizen Referendum on Microbreweries

I see both sides of the brew pub issue and have indicated I wanted the people to weigh in on this one. There is now a referendum pending that would allow the residents of Provo to do just that. I support the right of citizens to move ahead with that referendum, which will let their views, and those of others, be fully vetted. And I see it as a positive that we have this path available to let citizens resolve this issue for themselves.

A lot of Provo residents (myself included) feel deep commitment and affection for our city. We’re seeing that manifested now through this issue. I hope that never changes—that the day never comes when we’re ambivalent, as citizens, about Provo’s future. So while I recognize there are two sides to the present issue, mostly I’m feeling grateful that underneath it all is this impressive concern for the fabric of our community, one that is so uniquely special to my neighbors and me.

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Feb 22, 2020

The council’s decision was super smart, and will in NO WAY contribute to increased alcohol abuse. How can we help keep this decision in place that our elected leaders have wisely passed?


Pam Jones
Pam Jones
Feb 21, 2020

I don't want Provo to be known as a beer city. Let Springville have the business. Encouraging alcohol consumption is not something we need. Please veto the Council's decision.

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