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500 West Reconstruction Project Update

Construction will reach a significant milestone on UDOT’s Provo 500 West reconstruction project this week as a new traffic configuration is put into place between 500 North and 600 North on 500 West. This traffic shift represents the completion of more than 60 percent of all construction activities since work began in spring 2019 — with several other project features coming online over the next few months.

Traffic will be shifted mid-block between 500 and 600 North to accommodate a new phase of work on the project. Additionally, all traffic south of 500 North will be shifted to the west side of the roadway. Traffic will remain in this configuration until work on the north end of the project is complete — anticipated to happen by the end of the year.

Due to the nature of the work on the north end of the project, there will be additional temporary, intermittent traffic shifts between 500-800 North to provide a buffer for construction activities. Motorists are encouraged to drive alertly through the work zone, and follow signage and speed limits. Once work north of 500 North is done the project will be two-thirds of the way complete.

Work on the project has been very challenging with the amount of utility relocations and upgrades needed, while trying to maintain traffic and keep driveways open at the same time. Sections of the roadway are now being opened and we want to give credit to Provo City, our residents and businesses, and the project contractor.

Future project milestones will include: full pedestrian access to sidewalks on both sides of the road between 50 South to 300 South and restored residential and business driveway access through this area by mid-August. Side streets at 100 and 200 South will be paved and open as well.

By the end of July, crews will finish work on the 10-foot multi-use path along the east side of the road between 50 North to 300 North. Completion of the new path through this area fully restores pedestrian access on both sides of the road.

Finally, all concrete roadway, curb and gutter has been placed between 500-800 North. Before the end of July, residential and business driveways on the west side of 500 West within this section will be reopened.

The project is on schedule to have all roadway construction done by the end of this year. New concrete sidewalk will be completed by early next year, as will the majority of landscaping. The project is anticipated to be completed in summer 2021.

The project team sends weekly updates with project progress and impacts and encourages the public to sign up at the address below. The team can be reached with questions and concerns by calling 385-250-0606 or emailing

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1 Comment

Jared Curtis
Jared Curtis
Jul 22, 2020

The multi-use path is going to be awesome. It can't be worse than the BULLDOG Blvd monstrosity that ruined it for cars.

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