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Come rain or shine, Provo City provides garbage and yard waste collection service Monday – Thursday. Be sure to take your garbage can to the curb according to your regular schedule. During the weeks of major holidays, this service may be delayed one day depending on which day the holiday falls.

Holiday/Special Pick-up Schedule

For the 2021 schedule — Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving will be the only holidays the Sanitation Department will be closed. Garbage will be picked up one day late for those holidays. Below is the holiday sanitation schedule, which also includes yard waste collection beginning and ending dates, as well as spring and fall cleanup dates.

Garbage Pick-up Information

The best way to ensure your garbage is picked up is by following these tips:

  • Place cans on the side of the street by 6:00 AM on your scheduled day or, better yet, the night before. Remove cans from the curb within 24 hours after they have been emptied.

  • Keep cans away from parked vehicles, mail boxes and trees. Place cans 3’ apart and have plenty of clearance above cans.

  • Everything must fit inside the can so the lid will close. Dial 3-1-1 to schedule extra pickups.

  • When possible, bag the garbage that goes into the black cans.

  • Keep garbage out of green yard waste cans and blue recycling cans.

  • Be sure to look at Provo’s Interactive Map to find out your regular garbage/recycle pick-up day.

Dispose of Large Items

If it can be recycled, large bulky items like cardboard boxes can be broken down to fit into a curbside household recycling (blue) can. If you are not enrolled in the curbside recycling program, you can take the items to one of these drop-off recycling sites in Provo:

  • SUVSWD compost station, 1625 S. Industrial Parkway

  • Kiwanis Park, 820 N. 1100 East

  • Western Metals, 1776 S. Colorado Ave

There is no charge to use the bins at these sites. The bins are separated into sections for plastic, paper/cardboard, and metals. For compost station hours, please call the South Utah Valley Solid Waste District at 801-489-3027, or visit the compost page on its website.

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COVID-19 has been impactful on us as individuals, families, businesses and as a community.

Along with its challenges, 2020 was also a year of impressive accomplishments by our employees and significant progress on key infrastructure projects. To highlight these achievements, here's a list of Provo City's Top 10 Accomplishments (in no specific order):

10. New Routes Announced for the Provo City Airport

Two new destination routes were announced to both Denver and Orange County as a result of the current construction of a new 65,000 square foot terminal with four new gates.

Anticipated completion in Spring 2022.

9. Completion of Fire Station 22

On 9/11, Fire Station 22 was dedicated as the first new fire station in 20 years. Of honoring our local heroes on this solemn day, Mayor Kaufusi said, “Our first responders are heroes who put their lives on the line to protect others. What better occasion than Patriot Day to honor those who run in while others are running out.”

8. Police Chief of the Year Award

With his wife Sally by his side, Chief Rich Ferguson was honored with the Police Chief of the Year award from the Utah State Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).

Chief Ferguson started his law enforcement career in Provo in 1991 and was appointed Chief of Police in September 2017. Of the award the FOP said, “Chief Richard Ferguson has always been a leader. From his days in Major Crimes to rising through the ranks, he has always been a positive role model to those above him and below.”

7. City Manager of the Year Award

Three Provo Mayors have worked with Chief Administrative Officer Wayne Parker, and agree he has been invaluable to Provo’s success. His accomplishments in local government were noticed with the 2020 Award for Career Excellence by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA).

6. Timpanogos Golf Club

East Bay Golf Course received a state-of-the-art redesign and restoration of its original name: Timpanogos Golf Club. The new course brings golf to all ages and skill levels while preserving Provo’s history.

5. Provo Parks and Recreation Accreditation

Provo Parks and Recreation earned and achieved some noteworthy recognition during these difficult times. Their department was named “Best in State” for all Parks and Recreation agencies in Utah. In addition, Provo Parks and Recreation achieved full department accreditation, the rarest of all distinctions in this industry. The accreditation review is an extensive process with the award given at the National Recreation and Parks Association “Best of the Best” Ceremony. This is right where Provo Parks and Recreation wants to be positioned. Provo Parks and Recreation actually received awards and improved during a pandemic!

4. Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade

Constructed in 1956 and requiring a major upgrade in 1978, the existing treatment plant will be completely reconstructed in phases over the next 15 years. Not only will it meet new state and federal environmental regulations, but it will have the same state-of-the-art technology used in advanced treatment plants in Southwestern United States and throughout the world.

3. New Provo City Center Construction Project

Construction of the Provo City Center remains on budget and on schedule. The pandemic has made large crew management difficult and many supply chains are not as reliable. Working with our design team, VCBO Architecture, and general contractor, Layton Construction, the focus has stayed on quality and efficient construction management. This beautiful and effective building will be a net result of these committed efforts.

Anticipated completion in Summer 2022.

2. Provo Kindness

With the unrest and uncertainly of 2020, extra kindness is something we can all use! In September, Provo City, along with several members of the Provo School Board and interested citizens, launched Provo Kindness as a way to help us connect better as neighbors, friends and even strangers. Be a part of building a culture of kindness by following them on Instagram and Facebook or online at provokindness.org.

1. All lanes open on 500 West

While it’s been a long process, it was a wise investment. Not only do we have new underground utilities, but choosing a concrete surface, while extending construction time, translates to a much-longer infrastructure life and ultimately, taxpayer savings. In addition, it is due to our strong partnership with UDOT that we are able to add significant safety enhancements like protected bike lanes, landscaped center medians, where possible and new traffic control devices. This stretch of US 89 through Provo will last longer, function better for all modes and be more pleasant for everyone.

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More than 3400 steel pieces have been placed on the new Provo City Center. In a long-standing construction tradition, a Topping Off Ceremony was held today to celebrate the placement of the last beam.

In keeping with the tradition, the beam placed atop Provo City Hall was adorned with a small evergreen tree, an American flag and the signatures of Provo City employees, construction workers and elected officials.

Today’s ceremony was an opportunity to celebrate the remarkable progress made on Provo City Hall and to recognize those who made this day happen:

First and foremost, our Provo citizens. Without their trust and foresight, we would not be able to create a safer and more efficient city hall for generations to come to engage with their city government. This building and its dynamic design will facilitate better government and public safety. On behalf of our Provo City staff we thank for providing a work environment to better serve you.

Second, our Police and Fire teams. For too long they’ve “made due” turning broom closets into work spaces, but with the completion of this building we will see our public safety teams effectively working together in interactive work environments. Properly providing for our community heroes means a safer Provo for all of us!

As we feel the frost in our fingers, let’s not neglect our construction partners and their workers who daily brave the cold winter deliver this amazing city hall to Provo. They deserve our respect and applause.

The topping off ceremony on construction sites goes back to ancient Europe.

The tree or leafy branch on the beam represents the natural resources needed to construct the building. The new Provo City Hall building will be energy-efficient to the highest level, thus showing this respect for the environment.

The attached American flag represents the pride of Country in both workmanship with this beautiful and dynamic buildings, as well as a skilled construction team existing showcasing their trade talents.

The signatures and notes on the beam personalize the connection and pride our Provo City team always feels for this new city hall. This will be their “home away from home.”

Thank you to Layton Construction and VCBO Architecture for the next-level leadership and design associated with this endeavor. Thank you to all the Provo City team members for their efforts in support of this on-budget and on-schedule project.

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