Can you remember the first time you ate at your favorite restaurant? Do you remember what you ordered? As we face an uncertain economic future, I have reflected on the influence that our favorite restaurants have had on us. They have been there for our late-night cravings, our holidays, our celebrations and our struggles, and now we have an opportunity to support them. Sometimes a new meal with new flavor can liven up our old routine, or remind us of a memory from our past. I love that during this time I have the opportunity to highlight a small handful of our local flavors! The variety of locally owned and operated businesses here in Provo are a testament to the diversity that strengthens us. Within 5 minutes, one can drive to two different restaurants with flavors from across the globe. It is this diversity that gives spice and variety to life and makes eating out in Provo fun. Our local restaurants are a big part of what makes Provo such a wonderful place to live!

Did you know?

  • Ivie Juice Bar was founded by a woman named Ivie, who competed in cross-country at her local college here in Utah.

All of their juice is cold pressed and bottled in glass to keep optimal nutrition. They don’t use syrups or fake sweeteners and everything is made with whole fresh real ingredients.

  • Yummy’s BBQ & Sushi by RC Group, LC started January 2012 as a small restaurant in front of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Sun Choi, the VP, stated “My parents have been to South Korea over 8 times in 2017 to make sure that we serve the very best to the Utah community.”

  • Cubby's “Cubby” and Amanda were a couple with a slight problem: They were both enthusiastic foodies, but their ideas about what makes food great were not exactly in sync. They dreamed of an eatery where Cubby could settle in with his big and hearty favorites, while she munched on a fresh, tasty salad, loaded with organic, in-season vegetables. The dream of a perfect place, one where they could both enjoy delicious, affordable food in an inviting atmosphere is what inspired the creation of their restaurant!

  • Lucy's Lucy is a native of Rio de Janeiro and came to the United States 25 years ago to learn English. Lucy’s passion for cooking led to her quest to create a home-style restaurant that brings the flavors of Rio de Janeiro with the “Café” environment of Rio. While she was here, Lucy also fell in love with Utah. Even though there is snow and no beaches, she was won over with the beauty of the scenic mountain ranges, the many National Parks, and the lovely old buildings. Lucy was so impressed with the downtown Provo environment that she decided this was the place for Lucy’s Brazilian Kitchen.

  • Rica's In case you don’t know what a pupusa is, Rica’s explains, a pupusa is a thick flatbread from El Salvador made with corn or rice flour. It is usually stuffed with one or more ingredients. These may include cheese (such as quesillo or cheese with loroco buds), chicharrón, squash, or re-fried beans. It is typically accompanied by curtido (a spicy cabbage slaw), and tomato salsa, and is traditionally eaten by hand, without the use of utensils. The exact origin of the pupusa Salvadorian.

  • Tandoor opened its doors to the public on July 26, 2007. Their focus is to offer traditional Indian food with a local flavor and seasonal ingredients. Their chefs create a variety of dishes, from savory clay oven-barbecued dishes to exotic curries.

Are you hungry for more?

We are officially in our third week of Takeout Bingo and are excited for a whole new set of brand new local restaurants all across Provo!

Don’t forget being entered to win prizes including gift cards are available to all who submit a Bingo!

Remember, the previous cards are still valid, so you are free to work on any and every card you wish!

Here are the rules again for anyone who missed them last time:

  1. Get takeout/delivery/curbside from all the locations in any given row and take a pic of you enjoying the food!

  2. Once you have a Bingo (horizontal, vertical or diagonal), send all of your pictures in one email to, or send a direct message to Instagram (@provocity) or Provo City Government Facebook (@provocity) with all your pics. Be sure to attach your marked card as well!

  3. Every Bingo you submit will be entered in a drawing to receive a Provo dinner/dessert experience on us! ($50 value).

  4. You can enter as many Bingos as you want! (Have 5 on one card? Great! That is 5 entries for you!) A “blackout” (all spaces filled on one card) will count for 6 entries.

  5. We will draw one winner every week!

* By submitting your pics, you agree to let us post them on the blog and/or on social media.

A new card will be released every week on my blog and on our social media accounts. Here are the links for this week’s Bingo card:

  • Bonsai Sushi

  • Cubby’s

  • Don Chuy’s Taco Shop

  • Juice n’ Java

  • El Gallo Giro

  • 5 Star BBQ Company

  • Ivie Juice Bar

  • La Dolce Vita

  • Lucy’s Brazillian Kitchen

  • Sushi Burrito #2

  • Rica’s Pupusas

  • Roll with it creamery

  • Rugged Grounds

  • Tandoor Grill

  • Thai Village

  • The Coffee Shop

  • The Pizza Factory

  • Chip Cookies

  • Even Stevens

  • Main Street Pizza

  • JJ Burger

  • Yummy’s

  • Nicolitalia Pizzeria

  • Mi Lindo Guadalajara

** Local businesses: If you would like to be featured on a future Takeout Bingo, please send a message with your business name and link to!

Thank You

As we continue to face the struggles associated with Covid-19, I would just like to thank everyone who is doing their part to stay home and stay safe while supporting local business.


Mayor Michelle Kaufusi

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  • Michelle

Happy Easter Provo! 🐣🐰 🌷 We would be so “hoppy” if you’d join our “eggcellent” Virtual Easter Egg Swap.

🥚The Mayor's Office decorated some eggs to kick off the Virtual Easter Egg Swap. Take a look at the seven images below and vote for the best egg by letting me know in the comments which one is your favorite.

🥚 Print off the blank template, design your egg, and then visit Provo City's facebook post where you can attach a photo of you and your decorated egg as a comment to the post.

🥚 Let’s fill Provo City's comment thread up with as many colorful Easter eggs as possible!

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We know you have been shut in your home and need something new... So we have a solution for your Friday and Saturday night! Stream your favorite concert to your phone, laptop or iPad. Cast it to your big screen and enjoy one of our headliner or favorite local band!

The Quarantine Concert Series is coming April 17th and 18th and will be broadcast live online to raise money for MusiCares. Utah bands and members of national groups will perform from 6 pm to midnight. And interviews with some of the musicians from their homes that will air over the two-day music celebration! Friday, April 17, will feature Rock bands. Saturday, April 18, will focus on Country musicians. Performers include Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon, James Otto, Tourbadur 77, Ofi, Suit-up Soldier, Tom Yankdon formally of Rascal Flatts, Charley Jenkins, Nathan Osmond, Truman Brothers, and others. Get ready for 2 days of amazing artists! Viewers may sign-in and stream the concerts on the website For only $1.00 you can watch all the shows on each given day! For those looking for a VIP Experience, they can sign in to to have virtual Meet & Greets with the musicians.

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