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More than a year ago, Provo City experienced a jarring community shift as COVID-19 necessitated adaptations for the protection of the public.

We’re grateful for the expert guidance we received from the Utah County Health Department and the Utah Department of Health during this time and appreciative to our community who did their part to keep us all safe.

With a low case count and high vaccination numbers, Provo City will again be following the State’s lead as they lift the statewide mask mandate on April 10.

While mask signage will be removed from city facilities, we encourage employees and visitors to continue wearing masks if that is their preference. Health experts still advise social distancing and good hygiene practices.

Local businesses may still elect to require masks, as is their right, and we hope all will be respectful of others.


Mayor Michelle Kaufusi

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Slate Canyon is an incredible Provo treasure and Conserve Utah Valley wants to highlight and restore this hidden gem. In order to do just that, a 2021 Earth Day Project on April 24 is officially registered on the global Earth Day website.

Please sign up today to volunteer at conserveutahvalley.org/earth-day-projects and help improve Slate Canyon Trailhead through four projects:

First, In conjunction with Provo City Kindness Week and the Provo Parks Department, we will improve the landscaping by removing weeds, spreading rock, gravel and bark along the parking strips and parking lot perimeters.

Second, the bike skills course and disc golf course have many shrubs, trees, and weeds that need to be trimmed back. The Provo Parks Department will cut the undergrowth in advance of Earth Day. They have asked for volunteers to help remove the cuttings, weeds and overgrowth by dragging and carrying them to Provo City Dumpsters and dump trucks.

Third, overseen by the Provo Police Department’s “Tag” Graffiti Removal team, a small number of people are needed to help paint over and remove paint from concrete, wooden fences and canyon boulders.

Fourth, to understand and appreciate the diversity of Slate Canyon, a coalition of scientists from BYU and UVU are launching a citizen science project to list as many species as possible that live in the canyon. We need volunteers to meet with these scientists and their research assistants and learn about the insects, birds, plants, animals and fungi of our canyon. Using their phone cameras and Apps like iSeek and iNaturalist volunteers can document what lives here. Earth Day 2021 Slate Canyon will launch this effort which will continue throughout the year. Earth Day 2021 will also introduce volunteers to the “City Nature Challenge” (April 30-May 3).

All volunteers are asked to bring gloves.

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How gorgeous is our Provo Library?! Not many cities have such a beautiful and historic building for their community library. So let’s celebrate!

This week is National Library Week AND this year is the 20th anniversary of our Provo City Library at Academy Square!

Our library will be hosting a number of activities and programs to celebrate and they’re kicking it off with a photo contest. Submit your fantastic photos of our library by April 30th at provolibrary.com/photocontest to be part of an interactive photography exhibit this summer.

There will be two categories for library images:

  • Library Building: Interior and exterior details of our beautiful library building

  • Library Life: This covers how you use the library; do you and your kids make crafts? Do you read in a fort? Do you use a Chromebook to do homework? These images show how the library impacts your life.

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