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A new fact-based website, ProvoRumorStop.com launches today with the goal of dispelling community misinformation by directing citizens to a credible source online. A topic-based image gallery of easily shareable, fact-based graphics encouraging citizens to help “set the record straight” by sharing online.

Police-community relationships are too important to Provo’s public safety and quality of life to allow false rumors and misinformation to undermine community goodwill and trust built up over decades. I hope this website and other communication efforts underway will help the public regain confidence in the safety of their community.

Please press play to hear Chief Rich Ferguson and I announce the launch of the website with a "Conversations with Kaufusi". We address this unsettling time for Provo, lessons learned, and how citizen communication can improve in the future.

Provo City has a well-deserved reputation as one of the safest cities in the nation—this incident does not change that. What it does is offer opportunity for improvement. Public safety is your top concern and when that feels threatened you want and are entitled to timely, accessible answers.

My hope is by having 24/7 accessibility to facts, with a community motivated to help us combat damaging rumors, we can quickly squash false rumors and provide the facts necessary for a civil, solutions-based conversation.

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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Update 6/30 9:30 PM:

Mr. Jesse Taggart has been arrested in connection with the shooting in downtown Provo last night. Mr. Taggert is a 33-year-old resident of Salt Lake City. He was booked at the Utah County Jail for the following charges: Attempted Aggravated Murder, Aggravated Assault Causing Serious Bodily Injury, Rioting, Threatening Use of a Weapon in a Fight or Quarrel, Criminal Mischief, Firing a Weapon Near a Highway.

Police also arrested Samantha Darling, 27-year-old resident of Ogden City, and booked her into custody at the Utah County Jail for a charge of Obstruction of Justice and Rioting. The Provo Police Department extends its thanks to citizens who gave evidence and testimony to investigators and to allied agencies and officers who assisted this investigation, notably Ogden and Salt Lake City Police Departments.

The investigation of criminal acts incident to protest events in Provo last night is ongoing. If you have information about the identity of persons involved in damage to vehicles, please contact Det. Nick Patterson at npatterson@provo.org.

Peaceful protests are a fundamental right and often can become an important catalyst for positive change. Criminal acts and violence such as we saw last night in Provo were anything but peaceful and are UNACCEPTABLE. The public safety of our community is a top priority.

Deputy Chief John Geyerman:

Provo City Police were made aware of a planned Police Rally and a Counter protest scheduled for last night. Both events coincided without incident until 8:38 pm when a call was received regarding possible gun shots and a hit and run. Shortly thereafter, we received another call regarding a shooting victim at Utah Valley Hospital.

Numerous citizens and protestors provided video footage. A white SUV was driving south on University Avenue before pulling into the right turn lane in an attempt to turn onto Center Street. Several protestors began crowding around the vehicle. A male protestor ran to the SVU on the passenger side, pointed a handgun at driver and shot one round through the window.

The driver, who was struck by the bullet, hit the gas trying to leave the situation. The same protestor ran after the vehicle and shot a second round that went through the rear passenger window. The video then shows that the protestor conceals the firearm and continues to protest. This same protestor later approached another vehicle at 500 North and University Avenue striking and breaking the window with the handgun.

We are grateful for the photos and videos we’ve received and we are following all leads. If anyone has video or photos of the incident at Center Street and University Avenue, please contact Detective Patterson at npatterson@provo.org.

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The Provo Farmer's Market is kicking off the season this Saturday on June 6th at Pioneer Park (600 W Center Street). Get ready for fresh produce, delicious food, and unique art and crafts!

This fantastic venue allows local small businesses a venue to provide their locally produced and handcrafted products to the community. In addition to building their business, and self- sufficiency, community members benefit from high-quality food and goods.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the first week of the market will see fewer vendors, and we ask that groups coming together remain small. The market is expected to have more vendors in the coming weeks as we implement the latest State guidelines.

New (Old) Location

The Market will be located at Pioneer Park, our traditional home, for the 2020 season, rather than Center Street. Despite the Market’s success on Center Street last year, this move is a response COVID-19 regulations, the high cost of street closures, and not wanting to have any negative impact on adjacent businesses as they also recover from the effects of COVID-19 shutdowns.

COVID-19 Response and Operations

Provo Farmers Market has worked closely with State and City leaders to prepare to operate the market in a safe, responsible, and courteous way to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

• They are taking all precautions as required by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.

• Please courteously bring your face mask and limit your group to two.

• Agricultural products and pre-packaged foods from State-permitted home kitchens will be at the

market this week.

• The first week will be a smaller market as we prepared for an “Orange Level” market

restrictions. “Yellow Level” guidelines have been issued and we will be working closely to increase the number of vendors within the next 1-2 weeks.

SNAP – (Food Stamp Program)

With the help of grants from the Utah Department of Agriculture, food stamp beneficiaries can exchange benefit dollars for tokens to exchange for up to $30 for agricultural products and pre-packaged food. To encourage users to buy fresh and healthy food items, the value of each token can be doubled for produce items thanks to a grant from the Utah Department of Health.


• See the Market Parking Map and Downtown Provo Parking Map for available parking. Please avoid parking in the neighborhood to the south and west of the park.

• The bus-rapid transit line UVX is five blocks away and combined with a leisurely stroll through downtown will allow visitors to not only enjoy the Market, but many of Provo’s outstanding restaurants and stores.

• Additional parking may be accommodated at the Covey Center for the Arts when city center construction crews or the Covey Center do not need it. There are also several parking structures in downtown with free Saturday parking and only a short walk to Pioneer Park. See online map here.

• Cycling and walking to the market is highly encouraged.


Vendors can apply now by visiting the market website at www.provofarmersmarket.com.

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